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Jun 8, 2020

On today’s episode, Marina is talking about a factor in each of our lives that sits on top of everything else and has a massive influence on our day-to-day interactions--focus. It impacts nearly every aspect of your life. Your focus is a direct image of what shows up in your life. Because of that, it can mess with your growth and progress. This week, we’re going to sit down and discuss what it is, how we can leverage it, and everything you never knew about focus.


As a word, “focus” can act as a noun--it’s definition being “the center of interest.” However, as a verb, it means “to adapt to the prevailing level of light to see clearly.” Obviously, this is in reference to photography, but if we can take this definition and apply it in other ways, it allows us to understand that we can shift what’s around us to shift our focus.


Our first step is to look at how your focus acts. Is it pulled in a million different directions? Are there overwhelming influences on your focus? A result of an inability to focus can manifest as drowning in work and feeling undersupported to name a few. Are you focusing on the good or are you focusing on the bad? If you’re unclear, just take a look at your life--it’s a direct reflection of where your focus is. What you’re zoning-in on is all that you’ll see. Where your energy flows, focus follows. If you say to your brain, “I NEED to do this” your body will follow. When you filter the noise, you find a focus. If all you’re focused on is the lack, you’re going to build a world of lack around you. If you are creative and lateral in your thinking, that is what you’re going to see.


Marina talks about some tangible, tactical steps we can take to ensure our focus is working FOR us and not AGAINST us.


First, identify what it is you’re focusing on. In some cases, this might be a question of “can I focus at all?” Are you allowing everyone else’s needs to step in? Can you set one task for a day and complete it, or are you distracted? For a week, sit down and identify what it is you are or aren’t focusing on. Then, consider what else you could see. What would someone else notice about my life? After that, create a context for what you choose to focus on and establish boundaries. Disallow distractions, but don’t tackle it all at once. Look at what else is on the menu and think about what new meals you can have.


What you’ll learn

In today’s episode, Marina breaks down focus: what it is, how it can lead us down a number of roads, and what we can do to elevate our focus and leverage it to achieve.