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May 18, 2020

As a sovereignty and wholeness coach, Marina’s work revolves around helping others better recognize and understand who they are and how to better expand into the identity that they actually desire. With this ultimate goal in mind, on today’s episode of The Marina Perry Podcast Marina asks listeners to reflect upon the rules and stories that dictate their lives, encouraging them to ask themselves: “Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who could I be?” 


Marina explains that many people often forget their own power and so allow themselves to remain confined to ways of living restricted by self-imposed rules. Oftentimes, individuals perform the roles they occupy in life (e.g. as a daughter, mother, partner, career woman, friend, etc.)  based upon a set of rules or stories they’ve told themselves about what is and is not allowed or what is considered right behavior and what is considered wrong behavior. Rather than sticking to these rules, though, Marina urges listeners to recognize that as a sovereign soul, you can renegotiate any aspect of who you are at any time. 


Marina shares several experiences she’s had in her own life where she has felt restricted by the rules she’s set for herself and how she broke free from these. She does this so that listeners can draw parallels to their own lives and recognize the stories and rules they may be unknowingly writing for themselves. Marina encourages everyone to begin discerning what is right for them and to allow for multiple expressions of one’s self to coexist in a way that may seem contradictory but is instead a testament to one’s unique difference and wholeness. 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. Why we tend to create rules around the roles we occupy in life
  2. Questions to ask yourself in order to better identify the rules you may have set for yourself and how these may be limiting you
  3. The importance of choice when it comes to sovereignty and how to take advantage of the choices presented to us even during the coronavirus pandemic
  4. How our fear of death can prevent us from truly living 


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