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May 4, 2020

In this episode, Marina records her podcast as a zoom call to interview renowned healer and writer, Inna Segal. This episode is broken up into two parts: the first episode is about Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Body, and self-healing, and episode #19 will pick up with a discussion of the possibility of having and experiencing multiple lives (at 44:49 in the podcast.) 


Marina introduces Inna Segal as an  international healer and speaker; as well as a pioneer in energy medicine and human consciousness. Inna, however, is unique in that she can see illnesses intuitively in other people as they interact with one’s personality traits and/or characteristics. Inna looks at “what is there, within, and then most likely can predict a person’s behavior.” She then guides people through their processes of self-healing based on an individual’s own needs, beliefs, and personal characteristics. 


Marina and Inna then discuss one of Inna’s current works, The Secret Language of Your Body. This book, in brief, is about life experiences, personality traits, the body, and controlling (or overcoming) our own thoughts and emotions through spiritual and self-healing, but tune in to hear what it “really all is about” straight from Inna herself in this interview.


Inna and Marina then discuss one of Inna’s first transformative self-healing experiences where Inna healed certain aspects of her physical body herself, spiritually. She also realized she had developed a special sense where she could discern connections between a person’s personality or certain personality traits and their body’s afflictions. After this personal experience, she realized she wanted a book to help explain and better work through this new sensation and personal experience, but she needed a deeper guide than what already existed. She needed to go deeper than just saying, “I just need to love myself or my body,” and explore the inner-self further to work toward a more aware and certain sense of self. Her work is developing deeper connections on all aspects of the interlocking parts of the body.  


Inna describes “Divine Healing Intelligence” as a powerful realization that she wasn’t just a physical being who could rely on herself. One of the first things that came to her during her own spiritual healing process where she asked herself if she could surrender herself to something higher to connect to spiritually, but, after talking to a doctor, she realized that she is a deeply spiritual being and needed to figure out what that meant to herself. She says that this Divine Intelligence means different things to different people as we develop our versions of our “higher self,” and we may take different journeys individually based on our own beliefs and interests.


Most people can intuitively connect to the body, but Inna does feel that her development of this is a gift, but she also worked to have her personal level of understanding of herself, who she is, and her connection to the spiritual world. This latter development may take considerably more work than the basic levels of intuition through the self and body.


Marina asks Inna for her top three tips about how to enhance one’s own skills in developing their own sense of intuition, and Inna’s advice is as follows:

  1. Breath
    Becoming aware in the way in which we breathe.
  2. Touch
    To create connections
  3. Ask Questions
    Not as a victim, but as an inquisitor 


Inna also advises to “work on your heart first.” Unite the disconnect between the self and the heart. This episode ends with Inna’s explanation of the connection between the body and soul in the self, and the next episode will begin on Marina’s follow-up question about Inna’s take on whether or not people have and experience multiple lives, or, one, singular life. 


Episode 19 will start at the timestamp: 44:49, where Inna introduces the topic of the possibility of multiple lives. 


Things You Will Learn

  1. About Inna Segal, her work, and how it is unique in the field of health, wellness and self-healing
  2. The importance of developing a deeper awareness of the self that goes beyond the mind and the body, as well as our thoughts, feelings, and habits.
  3. Emotion vs. Physiological Problem Area
  4. Inna’s own self-healing journey: Divine Healing Intelligence and what it means to her
  5. Top 3 Suggestions: How to enhance your skills in working on your own intuition
  6. Detoxing Yourself: Starting with the Heart
  7. The Body and the Soul


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