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Mar 30, 2020

Recorded during the coronavirus pandemic, Marina uses today’s episode to reflect on privilege and how to stay calm and find peace during moments of chaos. Marina begins the podcast by acknowledging the world’s current uncertainties and the ways in which they are collectively affecting everyone on the planet. She then uses her own personal experiences both currently and in the past to help others find ways to navigate these moments that can hold potential for fear but also for growth. 

Marina shares with listeners the two pillars in her life that allow her to stay calm amongst times of chaos: perspective and self-trust. Concerning perspective, she encourages listeners to recognize how problems reveal privilege. Needing to pay rent, worrying about keeping children in or out of school, having to find ways to shift business practices -- each of these problems, when reflected upon, reveals the privileges of shelter, education, and career that we have the joy of experiencing. She reminds us that “only when we lose something do we really value it or miss it.” By recognizing this and reframing the problems we are facing as opportunities for gratitude, we can change our perspective into one that better allows us to stay calm and reflective. 

Marina also discusses the importance of self-trust during difficult times, explaining how the problems we face become survival experience. Rather than focusing on what we lack, it’s important to identify where we are capable; focus on what’s possible rather than what’s not available. Marina recognizes the ways in which a person’s foundational beliefs pre-frame how they deal with challenging times, so she also calls for listeners to think deeply about what beliefs they want to be true for themselves. 

Finally, Marina ends this episode discussing the need for everyone during this time to pivot. By pivoting, people can better examine what is available to them as well as use this time to find greater self-alignment. This moment in time offers an opportunity to better realize what we want to prioritize in our lives, and  Marina encourages listeners to take advantage of it and use it to grow in a way they can be proud of and can use once the chaos ends. 


Things You’ll Learn in Today’s Podcast:

  1. Advice for how to stay calm during chaotic or stressful times
  2. How the problems one faces reveal privilege
  3. How one’s foundational beliefs influence the ways in which they handle fear and uncertainty
  4. Tips for ways to better yourself and find your truth during the coronavirus pandemic

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