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Mar 9, 2020

On today’s podcast, Marina Perry interviews Natalie Diane, an expert women’s empowerment coach and founder of Nourish by Natalie, a program dedicated to helping women master foundational life skills needed in order to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Together, Natalie and Marina discuss empowerment, boundaries, and how to relinquish control. 


Natalie shares with listeners her personal journey towards becoming a women’s empowerment coach, discussing her own path towards finding self-empowerment. She explains how the media and external influences led to a disconnection with her inner self and how she was able to reconnect with her body, femininity, and womanhood -  a journey she now helps other women to navigate through her coaching. 


Together, Natalie and Marina discuss how women become caught up in the need for control and how this can come from a place of fear or need for self-validation. Because of this, they talk about the ways in which women can begin to surrender control, a process that can be difficult but can ultimately help a person better cultivate a sense of self-worth and self-love. 


Natalie and Marina then move on to talking about boundaries and how women need to better solidify their boundaries so that they are not constantly giving in a way that fails to account for their own needs. Instead, Natalie and Marina explain why having boundaries can help women become better attuned to their own needs and allow them to get into the habit of better aligning their lives with their own values and fulfillment. 


Finally, Natalie and Marina end today’s podcast offering tips for building better self-trust. Natalie also shares the ways in which she expands her own Gypsy-Goddess-Queen energies and encourages listeners to “honor yourself and speak your truth.” 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. How the media and other external influences can drive women to exercise intense control over their own bodies
  2. Advice for how to relinquish constant control and instead step into the being of surrender
  3. Why creating and practicing boundaries can lead to fuller, richer relationships and nourish stronger self-love 
  4. Practices for building self-trust through the body 


Helpful Links: 

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Follow Natalie on Instagram: @nourishbynatalie


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