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Apr 11, 2022

On the Marina Perry Podcast this week, Marina discusses how to get around the number one block to being your best self. We often talk about our best self being our higher self or next-level you. It’s an ever-evolving concept, and the block that’s stopping us from being our best selves is identity coherence. 


Identity coherence is when we believe we are a certain way and actively work to match that perceived identity. The problem is, that our best self is a different version of us. So if we’re always working to match the identity of what we think we are, we’re never going to be able to change into a better version. The etymology of the word “identity” is “same,” meaning when you identify with something, you’re saying you’re the same as it. So we construct this cage of our own making, and only you have the power to change.


This doesn’t mean that the you you are right now can’t have the life you want. It means you aren’t a match. We live in a magnetic universe, and we attract the things that we are, not the things we want. To close the gap between what we are and what we want to be, we have to stop limiting our identities and blocking our birthright. When we’re in our wholeness, we are everything, and when we’re everything, we can have anything.

What You Will Learn:


  1. What Identity Coherence is, and why it blocks us from becoming our better selves.
  2. Tips for battling Identity Coherence to become our better selves.
  3. What we can do to update our identity.